Quality and sustainability, our vision

Offering the highest quality to ensure maximum client satisfaction is Grupo Mazo’s priority. We adapt to the specific conditions of every delivery by offering a customised service based on volume, destination, and needs.

With innovative high quality plans, our transport is evermore sustainable and efficient. To achieve this, we pay special attention to traceability with continuous monitoring of transportation temperatures.

In addition, our internal quality standards policy significantly reduces the risk of possible complications.

Grupo Mazo’s vision is to be leaders in quality and sustainability, as clearly shown by its corporate policies.

Continuous temperature monitoring

Our goal is to ensure products reach the end consumer as fresh as possible. We have the staff and technical means to make this happen.

We have new refrigerator units that enable us to remotely monitor cold equipment.

We use the latest technology to keep the cold chain intact.

Option of dual-temperature semi-trailers.

Efficient driving training

Fleetwide tracking

More than 40,000 shipments per year

More than 40,000 boat trips per year
The most efficient combination of road transport with maritime or rail transport in search of the least polluting shipping options. This strategy means we can optimise routes and lower our environmental impact.