Transporte refrigerado
por carretera

International full load refrigerated transportation

Grupo Mazo specialises in full load refrigerated transportation throughout Spain (including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands), the European Union and Morocco.

Non-stop. two-driver trucks service.

Non-stop service with two drivers for urgent transportation of goods, which need to reach their destination as quickly and as fresh as possible.

Adaptation to the type of client

We adapt to the specifications of all our clients, from small exporters to large distribution chains. We treat every shipment with the same dedication and commitment to ensure the goods reach their destination in due time and form.

Earning our clients’ trust

More than 50 years experience in exporting fruit and vegetables from Spain to the rest of the continent. Decades of work, which have seen the ranks of our loyal clients grow and grow, especially in Great Britain, Germany, France, and Benelux


We transport full loads, both refrigerated and dry goods, from any point and to any destination in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as Perpignan (Saint Charles International. France).

Intermodal transport

Grupo Mazo combines road transportation with ship and railway transportation to offer more efficient and sustainable routes.


Leaders in shipping to the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands from the very first day we began this service in 1989.

We carry more than 100 shipments every day.

We have our own offices in Tenerife, Las Palmas, and La Palma where we manage inbound and outbound shipments on the island and keep in touch with our local clients so as to be on top of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. This means we operate as a one-stop partner, free of intermediaries.

We use the shortest route to Great Britain, shipping from the north of Spain in order to reduce our road miles.

We are one of the few Spanish transportation companies to operate an intermodal transport service between Sardinia, Italy, and Spain, and between France and Corsica.

We get to Morocco through main Spanish ports. We distribute throughout the geography of the North African country.


This is the most environmentally-friendly combined transport service. It has a lower carbon footprint and provides a final product with a low emissions rate.

We link the south of France and Benelux with the VIIA rail motorway network. Our semi-trailers travel 1,050km by train. This is how we reduce our impact on the Environment and help to reduce congestion on motorways.

After the train reaches Luxembourg, our tractor units collect them before setting out on the final motorway phase of the journey

We also link France and the UK by train via the Channel Tunnel.

What do we transport?

Your goods in perfect condition

90% of our loads are fruit and vegetables but we also transport frozen and dry goods (cosmetics such as soap or cream; textiles, packages...)

Fruit and vegetables

Meat products, both fresh and precooked

Dairy products

Ice cream and frozen desserts

Ready-to-eat products (salads, etc.)

Refrigerated beverages

Fresh and frozen fish

Bakery and pastry products

Flowers and plants

Quick and no obligation



Grupo Mazo has its own fleet of over 1,000 state-of-the-art vehicles, tractor units, and semi-trailers, including some of the most modern vehicles on the road today in Europe. The tractor units and semi-trailers are actually upgraded every three and five years, respectively, which significantly reduces the risk of faults and the vehicle being put out of action.

More than 1,000 of our last generation vehicles

The fleetwide integrated GPS system allows us to continuously track and monitor the whole fleet to prevent delays and complications.

Our entire fleet meets EURO VI emissions standards.

The latest technology in the semi-trailers provides online monitoring of fridge temperature.

All the semi-trailers are capable of handling temperatures from -30°C to +30°C